The Asian Investors’ Corporate Governance aims to foster the professional development of corporate governance professionals in Asia. The development of good corporate governance in listed companies is the cornerstone of Singapore as a financial centre in Asia. This event will be an annual gathering for corporate governance professionals in Asia to meet, discuss, update and track corporate governance developments in Asia.

Singapore Corporate Governance Week is an initiative for Singapore's capital market to take the lead in corporate governance. The Corporate Governance Code is non- prescriptive leaving it to the listed companies to comply
on a voluntary basis.

Whilst most companies comply with the Code, in the letter of the law, much needs to be done to inculcate in the Boards and the Senior Managements to go beyond the letter of the law and comply in the spirit of the law as well.

Greater importance needs to be given to the need to lift corporate governance standards to even higher levels, if Singapore is to succeed as the financial hub of Asia.

The Asian Investor Corporate Governance Conference allows an opportunity for directors, senior management and shareholders to educate themselves with a view to further enhance the importance of corporate governance practices.

Who Should Attend?

Accountants, Academics, Auditors, Bankers, Brokers, CEOs, CFOs, Company Chairmen, Company Secretaries, Directors, Financial Consultants, Fund Managers, Investment Analysts, Investor Relation Managers, Investors, Lawyers, Policy Makers, and Regulators.

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