With this October fall, get ready for a good November and December market!

Dow Jones has fallen more than 1000 points from the historical high of 17350 to a low of 15855 reached intraday on 15th October. STI similarly spiraled downward in spectacular fashion with a more than 200 points drop to a low of 3155 recently.

A lot of investors began to get worried of the European economy and the risk of rising interest rate. The protest in Hong Kong did not help the situation.

Truth about bribery, corruption risks

American FCPA blogger and speaker shares his experience in dealing with current anti-bribery issues and challenges

I FIRST got to know Richard Bistrong when he contacted me after my commentary in The Business Times on the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) bribery scandal ("Plausible deniability and graft by MNCs", BT, May 21, 2014), in which I had quoted from his blog.

Richard had served time in prison after a conviction for bribery when he was working for multinationals and also cooperated with the authorities in covert and overt operations as part of his plea bargain.

Big week for BlackBerry with the launch of Passport and earnings reports

It has already been an active month for smartphone companies with new Samsung and Apple handsets landing. This week, the spotlight has turned to BlackBerry, who held a company event launching its new ‘Passport’ phone on Wednesday. This, their first new significant product launch since early 2013, came just two days before reporting earnings on Friday, not yet released at the time of writing.

Combined, these two events may give traders a better idea of the company’s technological and business momentum, against its competitors as well as its future prospects.

Should I Buy Shares Now Or Wait For The Correction?

Someone politely confronted me the other day (that is…if a polite confrontation is ever possible) and asked what seemed like a very logical question.

The person wanted to know why anyone would want to buy shares now, if an imminent stock market correction was a distinct possibility. My confronter pointed out that we are always told to let a share price come to us rather than we try to frantically chase a rising market?

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