Understanding Risk - Volatility

When we hear or read the term “risk” it is predominately perceived as negative or something to be avoided or a threat that we hope will not materialise. Risk is a fundamental part of life. It exists because we are uncertain of the outcome of a particular decision or course of action. There is always a certain degree of risk in any decision we make concerning our life, career and, of course, financial choices. In investing, however, risk is inseparable from performance. Rather than being desirable or undesirable, risk is simply necessary. Understanding risk is one of the most important aspects of financial education and we would be foolhardy to ignore its existence, especially when it comes to investing.

How To Spot Growth Shares

Growth appears to be back on the agenda again. For years, growth has been put on the back-burner as companies focus on efficiency, downsizing and cost cutting to survive the fallout from the banking crisis of 2007.

Who can blame them for battening down the hatches?

Have You Missed The Boat?

With all the talk about risk on and risk off, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of why we invest.

Risk on, is what happens when the market believes that the US Federal Reserve will continue to pump shedloads of money into global economies. With plenty of cheap-to-the-point-of-being-almost-free-money looking for a home, some of it could end up in the stock market, which would help to push stock prices higher.

How To Select A Stock?

When you are investing in the stock of a company, you will expect returns in the form of dividends and capital appreciation.

The problem is: how do you know the real value of a company’s stock? You can either evaluate the company in terms of its financial performance and prospects through fundamental analysis, or by using charts and price trends, also known as technical analysis.

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