Are You A True Investor?

In the blink of an eye, the investing world has gone from “risk off” to “risk on”. Can you believe it was only a fortnight ago that the “A” in USA stood for Armageddon, as American lawmakers did their dirty laundry in front of the world?.

Today the “A” in USA stands for Amazement, as the American market climbed to an all-time intraday high shortly after the US economy was pulled back from the brink.

Why We Invest In Shares

Have you ever wondered why people invest in shares?

It may seem like a very trivial question but, believe it or not, the answers can be many and varied. They range from the amusing “I don’t really know” to the equally amusing “…because my friend does it”.

Dividend investing – Creating “certainty” in an uncertain environment

The stock market has a habit of changing direction just when you least expect it to. As a bull run gains steam, the overwhelming optimism that the market can only head higher, and is driven by the “greed” sentient, becomes so irresistible that even the most conservative investors are eventually drawn into the fray. The market is usually at its most vulnerable when virtually everyone is a bull. At that point, all it needs is a trigger to spark off a selling panic that could within a short space of time, cause investor sentiment to plunge into a state of dire despair.

Short Your Way To Greater Wealth

First a very quick apology about the misleading title to this week’s article. If you know anything about me, you will also know that I don’t believe in trying to make a quick buck by selling shares that I don’t own. In other words, I don’t short shares.

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