Traits of the best money managers

Having worked in a fund of hedge funds, I have met with and analysed some of the best long/short equity managers globally. I have compiled a list of what I see as some of the key traits of great money managers as well as, often hard learned, personal lessons. Things to watch out for. While the focus is on equities, they relate to all strategies.

QA with Noble Group

In this edition of our e-newsletter, SIAS talks to Noble Group about the company’s business model and strategy, as well as recent initiatives to increase transparency that included a PwC review and an Investor Day event.

MTP will improve the market over the long term

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is integral to Singapore’s position as a leading international financial centre. It is therefore crucial that SGX improves the quality of the stock market including enhancing its liquidity, and reducing the vulnerability of stocks to manipulation. All these are critical to the market’s integrity and its long-term success.

Introducing a S$0.20 minimum trading price (MTP) for Mainboard-listed companies is one measure to better position our market for the future. Higher stock prices tend to correlate with better liquidity or market quality while low-priced stocks are highly susceptible to excessive speculation and manipulation.

Alternative Investments - Their Role in Wealth Creation

Investors considering adding an asset to their portfolio need to evaluate it on two main criteria:

Adding assets which duplicate existing holdings serves no real purpose.
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