Should You Buy More Of A Losing Stock?

Every week I pop into the BBC Studios in Beach Road for a one-hour live show on the World Service called Business Matters.

To be on the safe side, I always leave my flat shortly after seven in the morning to give myself plenty of time to settle into the studio. Failing to do so could trigger a serious panic-attack in the production team at London’s New Broadcasting House.

How To Achieve Super Investing Returns

If you missed out on the opening day of SIAS’s 3rd Singapore Investor’s Week, you might also have missed out on a golden opportunity to put your most pressing investing questions to a panel of professional investors.

The questions from the floor were as varied as they were tough. But the answers from the panel were as consistent as they were honest.

What Governance Questions Investors Should Ask At The AGM?

Mr. Tan, a shareholder of company X, was present at its Annual General Meeting. As he was not certain about the function of internal audit of the company, he decided to clarify his doubts at the AGM and asked the Board, “Does your listed company have an IA function?” The CEO replied, “That is a very good question. Let me start by highlighting that listed companies are required to disclose in their annual reports any deviations from the Code of Corporate Governance. What is the Code of Corporate Governance? It is under the purview of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Singapore Exchange. It is stated in the Code that “The Company should establish an effective internal audit function that is adequately resourced and independent of the activities it audits.” When a listed company is unable to comply with the Code, it must be explained in our annual reports the reasons for deviation from the Code.

Has The Bull Market Run Out Of Steam?

Anyone who has been on a long car journey with children in the back seat will know just how demanding the trip can sometimes be.

Generally, things tend to start off on a fairly good footing with everyone filled with excitement. But it doesn’t take long before the inevitable “are we there yet” question pops up.

What are responsible parents supposed to do in that situation?

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