Has The Bull Market Run Out Of Steam?

Anyone who has been on a long car journey with children in the back seat will know just how demanding the trip can sometimes be.

Generally, things tend to start off on a fairly good footing with everyone filled with excitement. But it doesn’t take long before the inevitable “are we there yet” question pops up.

What are responsible parents supposed to do in that situation?

IA is Independent Assurance

Companies are operating in an increasingly complex business environment. In addition to facing intense competition, companies have to deal with more rules and regulations. At the same time, companies need to be more effective and efficient in running their business operations in order to improve the bottom line.

When To Invest?

Someone stopped me at the junction of Stevens Road and Scotts Road the other to ask for direction to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I looked at him, smiled and told him that if I was walking to the Botanic Gardens, then I most definitely would not be starting from here. I don’t think he quite appreciated my peculiar sense of humour.

Investing Lessons From A Nasi Padang Seller

If you thought that this week’s article would be about the well-publicised bond default in China or about the conflict in Ukraine, then you might be a little disappointed.

Whilst those two topics appear to have caught the attention of the mainstream financial media, I have something far more important to write about this week.

Today I would like to draw your attention to the disappointing news that the famous nasi padang restaurant in Zion Road will close at the end of the month. After 57 years of delighting customers with, what I consider to be, one of the best beef rending in town, the restaurant will be calling it a day.

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