The Decades of Years

The things you might be doing, want to do, and probably should do….based on many true stories, mine and my clients’.

In your 20s:

You have probably just started work and started earning your real income for the first time. Discounting the part-time holiday jobs you might have done, if any at all. All these years, you have been getting allowances from your parents.

How Can You Beat The Market

What is the very least that we private investors should expect when we invest in the stock market?

Is it enough to simply hand our money over to fund managers and hope that they will try their level best for us?

Some investors do. Some investors believe that letting other people manage their investments could be a good idea. They might do so for a variety of reasons. These could include a lack of investing expertise, a lack of market knowledge or simply because they don’t have the time to manage the investments.

Why Read Annual Reports?

A company's annual report is the single most important way for it to convey itself to potential investors. As such, it should come as no surprise that an annual report serves to present the company in best light possible without violating any MAS or SGX regulations. Unfortunately, many investors read annual reports but fail to read them effectively. In other words, while annual reports are clearly prepared without any intent to deceive or reflect dishonesty about the business, investors should always read them with a sense of skepticism. In other words, how can investors learn to interpret the information within the annual report to make more informed investment decisions?

Should You Buy More Of A Losing Stock?

Every week I pop into the BBC Studios in Beach Road for a one-hour live show on the World Service called Business Matters.

To be on the safe side, I always leave my flat shortly after seven in the morning to give myself plenty of time to settle into the studio. Failing to do so could trigger a serious panic-attack in the production team at London’s New Broadcasting House.

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