SIAS launches Investment Clinics to help investors resolve investing issues

Date: August 17, 2016

モSIAS currently provides an email service to investors who are members, who have queries and issues regarding their investment. But we also saw a need to have one-on-one session to help address these issues personally with an advisor. Therefore, we introduced this programme to retail investors, who are our members, to provide them the benefit of seeking guidance from a panel of experts for the first time. We felt that retail investors generally do not know their rights and where they stand. Even if they do understand the issues relating to their investment, they are not be able to manage the legal cost in pursuing a claim in a court of law. Where possible, SIAS will assist to follow up with the various financial institutions to help resolve their issuesヤ.. David Gerald

At the launch of the inaugural SIAS Investment Clinic, investors addressed their concerns to the panel of advisors comprising a lawyer, a financial advisor and a broker. The SIAS Investment Clinic is supported by Morgan Lewis Stamford, Maybank KimEng and the Financial Planning Association (Singapore).

To have a consultation at the Investment Clinic, investors would have to first register and provide details as to the issues they are facing with their investment. Issues raised at the inaugural session included stocks that has been delisted and how investors can recover value, how to transfer and trade in dual listed HK-SG stocks, queries on the merits of some of the Singapore and Malaysian listed stocks, questions on the performance of a few unit trust, understanding of a companyメs rights issue and questions on how to exit stalled investment in alternative US investment scheme.

Retail investors with the above issues were assisted with guidance on the merits of their issues, their rights as investors, and where and how to pursue their issues for resolution.

SIAS will conduct Investment Clinics every two months. However, members can email us their issues or problems if it is urgent, as in the past and they will be attended to.

David Gerald
Founder, President & CEO
Securities Investors Association (Singapore)