How do I apply for Initial Public Offers (IPOs)?

Date: August 11, 2017

Another way to acquire shares is by subscribing for issues from newly listed companies, also known as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

You can pick up information about such IPOs through press coverage or advertisements by these companies. They usually provide details like the IPO price and issue manager.

IPO prospectuses can be retrieved from the companies’, SGX and MAS websites. Hard-copies can be obtained from the issue managers. They contain important details like the type of business they are in, future developments, their risk factors, business performance and credentials of the management. You should read the prospectus carefully before you subscribe for the IPO.

To apply for an IPO, you may do so via an ATM or a manual submission. For manual submissions, obtain a subscription form from the company’s share registrar, complete and send it in with a cashier’s order.

If you are using your CPF funds to apply, open a CPF Investment Account with an approved bank and make your application through that bank or via its ATM.