Corporate Governance

Digital Symposium 2020

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  • Covid-19 & Corporate Governance – Balancing Short & Long Term Business Pressures
    12th October, Monday, 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

  • For almost all public listed companies, COVID-19 has created unique and profound challenges. For the board, which is charged with overseeing the short-term and long-term health of the corporation and its business prospects, navigating the COVID-19 crisis requires careful consideration of a range of issues under these unprecedented circumstances. From health and safety of its employees and customers, to supply chain disruptions, lockdowns and managing cashflows to surviving the crisis, how do companies remain sustainable and competitive over the long term? Some opine that many of the policies like current remuneration packages only encourage short-termism. Does the removal of quarterly reporting lead to more long term actions?

    How do boards ensure effective governance and controls in the new norm with limited "on the ground" and "management by walking around" management style?

    Are boards ready, both from a performance and conformance angle, as businesses pivot in the New Norm? Especially when traditional businesses start getting into the new economy business models, like venturing into FinTech. What skills do boards require to successfully steer the company with today’s challenges?

    Panel Discussion

    Moderator: Mr. Melvin Yong, Committee Member, SIAS and Country Head, CPA Australia