SIAS 18TH INVESTORS' CHOICE AWARD 2017 19th September, Tuesday, 7.00pm – 10.00pm

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The Investor Choice Awards (ICA) recognizes excellence in companies and individuals adopting good corporate governance practices. Corporate governance plays an important role in supporting investment, specifically for retail investors in Singapore. Investors plough their monies into companies trusting the Board and the Management and hoping for their desired returns. Therefore, SIAS together with its industry partners, annually rate the best performing listed companies in governance and transparency for the benefit of investors.

SIAS also recognizes the various stakeholders like brokers, financial journalists and internal auditors that help drive good governance and, thus, facilitate investing in Singapore.

The Awards being presented are:

  • Singapore Corporate Governance Award
  • Diversity Award
  • Sustainability Award (NEW)
  • Shareholder Communications Excellence Award (NEW)
  • REITs and Business Trusts Corporate Governance Award (NEW)
  • Best Retail Broker Award
  • Financial Journalist Award
SIAS 17th Investors’ Choice Award 2016 Winners

SIAS 17th Investors’ Choice Award 2016 Winners