Chart Reading Tutorial

Fee (Member):
S$ 100
Fee (Non-member):
S$ 140
Fee (Student member):
S$ 0
August 16, 2008 @ 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Mindworks School Of Infocomm
122 Middle Road Midlink Plaza
#05-02 Singapore 188973

Missing the investment opportunity of a lifetime?
Attend, SIAS Chart Reading Tutorial by Charlie Lau

Recently the stock market has been very volatile and uncertain, and some even say “turbulent”. Retail investors, therefore, need to know when to enter and exit the stock market to make a profit. Chart Reading has helped thousands of investors globally to do just that. Whilst you need to know the fundamentals of a company, you also need to know the price movement of a stock to determine your position when investing.


Charlie Lau, a popular chart reading tutor, has helped many SIAS members to make the right decision and gain from the stock market. In the chart, we always look at the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) and the Stochastic Momentum. He has been successfully predicting the up and down trends of stocks and the market in his tutorials.


Part 1: Sources of Charts
– Free sources.
– Paid sources.
– Cheap, Good & Legal selection.

Part 2: Types of Charts
– Effectiveness of Each Type.

Part 3: Chart Reading – Theory
– Trend: RSI & Stochastic Momentum.
– Parallel Lines & Triangles.
– Price Levels: Moving Averages & Vertical Axis.
Previous Tops & Bottoms.
– Volume: “Married” volume.
1-day Hi volume.
Volume at Hi end of share price.
Volume at Lo end of share price.
Line-up volume on Buy/Sell prices.

Part 4: Chart Reading – Practical
– Market favorites.
– Participant’s favorites.


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