17 April 2017
SGX INR/USD FX Futures Achieved New Record High Volumes in March
  • SGX INR/USD FX futures attained new record high in terms of monthly volume and daily average volume in March
  • SGX USD/CNH FX futures’ monthly volume surged 319% y-o-y, maintaining SGX’s leading position as the world’s most liquid venue for exchange-traded RMB currency derivatives
  • Liquidity in SGX KRW/USD futures continued to improve in March, up 14% m-o-m and 115% y-o-y

§  SGX INR/USD FX futures hit a new record high monthly volume of 635,520 contracts (US$ 19.8 Billion) in March 2017.  This is 5% higher than the previous record of 604,669 contracts in June 2016, 30% higher m-o-m and 42% higher y-o-y.  Daily average volume for March stands at a record high of 30,263 contracts (US$ 940 Million).  Month-end open interest stands at 35,116 contracts (US$ 1.1 Billion).



§  In March 2017, the total number of SGX USD/CNH contracts traded climbed to 98,992 contracts (US$ 9.9 billion notional), an increase of 8% m-o-m and 319% y-o-y.  The continuing growth of SGX USD/CNH volumes is a testament to SGX’s leading position as the world’s most liquid venue for exchange-traded RMB currency derivatives.  Month-end open interest stands at 15,099 contracts (US$ 1.5 billion notional), a slight drop of 4% m-o-m but 32% increase y-o-y.



§  SGX KRW/USD futures achieved the third highest record high monthly volume in March with 4,873 contracts traded, an increase of 14% m-o-m and 115% y-o-y.  Daily volume attained the third highest in history at 2,526 contracts on 7 March, followed by the second highest open interest record of 3,223 contracts on 8 March.



§  SGX is Asia’s most diverse FX trading venue that offers currency futures and options in 14 currency pairs.  Participants trading SGX FX and Equity Index Futures and Options enjoy margin offsets of as high as 85%.  For more information on the margin offsets offered by SGX, please click here.


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