ISDN Gears Up for Growth in Automation Era

kopi-C: the Company brew

ISDN Holdings Ltd
SGX Code I07
Mkt Cap S$M 85
% Price Change YTD -8.9
% Price - Div Adj. YTD -7.6
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year]
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years]
% Price - Div Adj. [5 Years] 82.4
Price vs. 12M High %
Price vs. 12M Low %
Div Yld 1.5
% ROE 4.3
P/E 8.8
P/B 0.6
Source: SGX StockFacts (17 May 2017)

Growing up, one of Teo Cher Koon's most vivid memories was of a cargo ship's engine room, with its hot, sweaty atmosphere and the constant hum of machinery.

"My father was a marine engineer, and I used to follow him on board the vessel to watch him work," recalled Teo, President and Managing Director of ISDN Holdings Ltd, an engineering solutions company listed on both SGX and HKEx.

"Because of his influence, I became a mechanical engineer."

Singapore Myanmar Investco Taps Frontier Market Growth

kopi-C: the Company brew

Singapore Myanmar Investco Ltd
SGX Code Y45
Mkt Cap S$M 137
% Price Change YTD -7.8
% Price - Div Adj. YTD -7.8
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year]
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years]
Price vs. 12M High %
Price vs. 12M Low %
Div Yld N/A
% ROE -11.1
P/B 4.9
Source: SGX StockFacts (3 May 2017)

Mark Bedingham is driven by an insatiable curiosity. 

The Malaysian-born Briton and Chief Executive Officer of SGX-listed Singapore Myanmar Investco Ltd (SMI) finds exploring the unfamiliar totally exhilarating. 

"I'm not a person of routine, so I need constant disruption. And I don't want to lose that sense of discovery. So far, it seems it hasn't deserted me either," he grinned.

EC World REIT Rides E-Commerce Boom
Untitled Document

kopi-C: the Company brew

Mkt Cap S$M 588
% Price Change since IPO* -6.2
% Price Change YTD 0.0
% Price - Div Adj. YTD 2.0
% Price - Div Adj. [6 Months] 2.0
Historical High Price 0.815
Historical High Date
Historical Low Price 0.695
Historical Low Date 20/2/17
% Annualised Yld 7.5
P/B 0.8
Source: SGX StockFacts (5 April 2017)
*Listing date: 28 July 2016

Ask Alvin Cheng to define his management philosophy, and he will tell you it's all about being entrusted to add value. 

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the manager of SGX-listed EC World REIT places a premium on the values of humility, gratitude and positiveness.

"The more responsibility you take on, the more humble you need to become," said Cheng, who has more than three decades of experience in corporate finance and REIT management. 

Interview with Mr. Vincent Chong, President & CEO of ST Engineering
VINCENT CHONG, President & CEO of ST Engineering since 1 October 2016, joined the Group in April 2014 and was appointed President & CEO (Designate) the following year. In an interview published in the company's 2016 Annual Report, Vincent shares his plans for preparing ST Engineering for its next stage of growth.  
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