COBALT – Mining the Energy Future

VARIOUS HISTORICAL periods have been defined by the materials people used, such as the “Iron Age” and “Stone Age.” The present day “Digital Age” is going to see the primacy of new “energy metals,” which will become the building blocks of disruptive technologies that will change the way people drive and power their buildings. This new age will result in higher dependence on renewables and breaking away from traditional infrastructure networks.

Geo Energy Resources Rides Coal Price Tailwind
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Geo Energy Resources Ltd 
SGX Code RE4
Mkt Cap S$M 358
% Price Change YTD 31.1
% Price - Div Adj. YTD 31.1
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year] 147.9
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years] -10.6
Price vs. 12M High % 0.0
Price vs. 12M Low % 227.8
% Div Yld N/A
P/BV 2.3
Source: SGX StockFacts (22 Feb 2017)

Growing up on a farm in Malaysia, Tung Kum Hon dreamed of becoming an architect.

"When I was young, I was fascinated by how things were created and constructed," said the Chief Executive Officer of SGX-listed Indonesian coal mining group Geo Energy Resources Ltd.

"I eventually became an accountant, not an architect, but my passion is still in designing and building things. Although I don't create physical structures, I lead companies and build them into major multinational corporations that impact lives and livelihoods."

Futuristic: A Consumer Proxy With a Dash of Quirky

kopi-C: the Company brew

Construction industry veteran David Low believes the future revolves around crazy ideas - bold, off-the-wall concepts that can help businesses make a quantum leap forward and remain relevant in a changing world.

With this in mind, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore-based Futuristic Store Fixtures Pte Ltd aims to hire more millennials, a generation with a penchant for the wacky and unconventional. 

CAO Hits Energy, Aviation Sweet Spots
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kopi-C: the Company brew

China Aviation Oil (Singapore)
SGX Code G92
Mkt Cap S$M 1,332
% Price Change YTD  10.0
% Price - Div Adj. YTD 10.0
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year] 152.9
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years] 94.6
% Price - Div Adj. [5 Years] 89.0
Price vs. 12M High % -2.5
Price vs. 12M Low % 165.5
% Div Yld 1.9
% ROE 13.4
P/E 11.2
P/BV 1.4
Source: SGX StockFacts (4 Jan 2017)

The Chief Operating Officer of Mainboard-listed China Aviation Oil adheres to a strict code of ethics, and can be a contrarian of sorts.

A seasoned trader, Jean Teo is known to be a straight shooter.

"As senior management, there's a need to stand firm and say 'No', even to the boss - I know this is uncommon in a Chinese-run firm, but it's important to do what is right," Teo said with a smile.

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