CAO Hits Energy, Aviation Sweet Spots
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kopi-C: the Company brew

China Aviation Oil (Singapore)
SGX Code G92
Mkt Cap S$M 1,332
% Price Change YTD  10.0
% Price - Div Adj. YTD 10.0
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year] 152.9
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years] 94.6
% Price - Div Adj. [5 Years] 89.0
Price vs. 12M High % -2.5
Price vs. 12M Low % 165.5
% Div Yld 1.9
% ROE 13.4
P/E 11.2
P/BV 1.4
Source: SGX StockFacts (4 Jan 2017)

The Chief Operating Officer of Mainboard-listed China Aviation Oil adheres to a strict code of ethics, and can be a contrarian of sorts.

A seasoned trader, Jean Teo is known to be a straight shooter.

"As senior management, there's a need to stand firm and say 'No', even to the boss - I know this is uncommon in a Chinese-run firm, but it's important to do what is right," Teo said with a smile.

Value Investing Principles Anyone Can Apply Even In Uncertain Times

US Federal Reserve fund rates, the UK wanting to break away from European Union (EU), the Reverse Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan to be the first to not serve a five-year term…

Amidst all these big news, did everyone forget that we’re actually in the middle of a Great Singapore Sale (GSS), which only ends in mid-August? Well, most investors might be too fixated on these “big” news and forget what is happening on home ground.

If you are a person who likes looking around for discounts, regardless whether it’s the GSS or any other sale, you have the characteristics of a value investor! Anyone can be a value investor, in fact.

Procurri Dreams Boldly in Race to Change Tech World
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kopi-C: the Company brew

Procurri Corp Ltd
Mkt Cap S$M 110.6
% Price Change since IPO  -29.5
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Month] -7.1
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Months] -24.0
2016 High Price  0.55
2016 High Date 22/9/16
2016 Low Price  0.35
2016 Low Date 2/8/16
% Div Yld N/A
% ROE 27.5
P/NAV 3.4
Source: SGX StockFacts (4 Jan 2017)

An entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in Sean Murphy's blood.

Driven by an innate need to create and build, the IT industry veteran dares to live his dreams, and is passionate about turning possibilities into reality.

"Entrepreneurship is my passion," said the global Chief Executive Officer of Procurri Corp, a Singapore-listed provider of data centre equipment and maintenance services. 

Global Invacom Launches into New Growth Orbit
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kopi-C: the Company brew

Global Invacom Group Ltd
SGX Code QS9
Mkt Cap S$M 43.5
% Price Change YTD 9.6
% Price - Div Adj. YTD
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year]
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years]
% Price - Div Adj. [5 Years]
Price vs. 12M High %
Price vs. 12M Low %
% Div Yld
% ROE 2.4
P/BV 0.6
Source: SGX Stockfacts (23 Nov 2016)

Executive Chairman Tony Taylor's odyssey with satellite communications equipment supplier Global Invacom Group Ltd began 10 years ago - through a single handshake.

The company, which is listed in both London and Singapore, began operations in 1986 as Global Communications Ltd, founded by Roger and Helen Pannell in the kitchen of their semi-detached Essex home.

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