SIAS’ First Distinguished Honorary Member

Date: April 18, 2008

SIAS is pleased to announce that Mr J Y Pillay, Chairman of SGX, has kindly accepted SIAS’ invitation to be its First Distinguished Honorary Member. His acceptance is a statement of his strong support to the cause of small investors in Singapore. His appointment is by virtue of clause 4.2 of SIAS constitution which reads:

“The Management Committee may invite persons distinguished in public life or who have made significant contributions to the Securities Industry or to the Association to be Honorary Members for such period as it shall deem fit. An Honorary Member shall not be required to pay any entrance fee or monthly subscription but shall be entitled to enjoy all the facilities of the Association. An Honorary Member shall not have the right to vote or hold office as a member of the Management Committee”

Mr Pillay has a distinguished public career and has no doubt made significant and meaningful contributions to the Securities and Financial Industries.

We are indeed proud to have him as our First Honorary Member.

David Gerald