SIAS Meeting with Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Singapore

Date: December 14, 2009

This afternoon, I met with the Officials from Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Singapore at their office at 150 Tanglin Road.

I met with three Officials, Mr Li Ming Lin, Minister Counsellor (Economic & Commercial), Mr Yu Guangsheng, First Secretary (Economic & Commercial) and Ms Jiang Xiaohua (Economic & Commercial) and conveyed the concerns of the shareholders of Sino-Environment Technology Group Limited.

I informed Mr Li that the shareholders are worried about the current state of affairs of the Company and handed him a copy of PricewaterhouseCoopers report released by the Independent Directors of Sino-Environment.

I also informed Mr Li that Singapore investors in the Company need assurance that this matter will be looked into and any wrong doings punished by the China Authorities.

Our immediate concern was the preservation of the assets of the Company. I have made them aware of the Police reports filed by the Financial Controller of the Company in Fuzhou and Hong Kong.

Mr Li assured me that since Police reports have been filed in the two territories, he believes that the relevant China Authorities will take serious consideration of this matter.

David Gerald J.

President / CEO