Shareholder Communication

With a sizeable membership base of more than 70,000 and a solid credibility with retail, mass affluent and high net-worth investors, SIAS aims to provide suites of platforms for listed companies to reach out to investor who are on the look-out for good investment opportunities.

SIAS offers extensive Shareholder Communication Programme (SCP) that is targeted at helping public listed companies maximize shareholder value, increase investors’ interest and improve good corporate governance and transparency. It enhances shareholder value by providing good platforms for public listed companies to communicate effectively their financial information and business strategies to investors on the look-out for good investment opportunities.

Seminars & Meetings

Online Activities

Corporate Governance Initiatives

Value Added Benefit – SIAS Associate Membership

SIAS organises at least 60- 70 investment seminars/workshops per year which enables SIAS Members to make informed decision. Most of these investment seminars are highly subsidized by SIAS, so members can attend for free. Company, which supports our Shareholders Communication Programme is given complimentary SIAS Associate membership to all its staff. Benefits of membership includes:

Participating Companies