Profitable Plots Updates
Date: 16 May 2012

Dear Members of SIAS and PP investors,

1. Update on PP

On 27th March 2012, the directors of Profitable Plots were charged in court with 86 counts of cheating investors amounting to a total of US$2.4 million. The news of this has been reported in the Straits Times, Property Guru as well as online news portal, Yahoo.

Three directors, John Andrew Nordmann, Timothy Nicholas Goldring, and Geraldine Anthony Thomas, have allegedly misled investors, through an agent, informing investors that major corporations had purchased Boron and the monies collected from investors were to finance the purchase of Boron CLD Bond, a lubricant. In return, investors were promised a 12.5 percent return in 6 months. The case against the three directors is likely to be heard in July or August this year. We are advised.

With respect to PP investors who have invested into PP UK Land products, the CAD investigation is still on going. We await the outcome of their on-going investigations.

2. Actions to take – securing your interest: Registering your UK Land

As per the last dialogue session in December 2011, SIAS informed PP investors to register your UK Land with the UK Land Registry. The information regarding this is in the presentation last year. Here is the link to the information. You will need to be a member and to log in to access the information. This is the first step in securing your interest in your investment.

Should there be any further update, SIAS will be sending out further emails and notices to the website.

Please note that SIAS is not a legal firm or an enforcement of authority but a voluntary association for small investors. We can only guide members on their rights and liaise with the police to ensure justice is done. Members will have to seek legal advice should they wish to institute any action against the company and/or its directors.

Richard Dyason
General Manager
For Securities Investors Association (Singapore)

The Profitable Plots Investors' Plight
Date: 23 May 2011

SIAS announced on 25th April 2011 that it would take up the plight of investors in the Profitable Plots saga. The investors claim that they have not been kept informed of their investments and that their requests to meet the directors through the lawyers of the Profitable Plots directors have not been acceded to.

Since the announcement, SIAS has conducted a dialogue session with the investors and a sub-committee set up under SIAS. SIAS is conducting a Press Conference on the outcome of the dialogue session and the possible steps for investors to recover their investments. SIAS will make public certain calls it would make on relevant parties.

We would like to invite you and camera crew to SIAS Conference Room on 24th May 2011 at 11.30am at 7 Maxwell Road, MND Building, Annexe B, #05-03, Singapore 069111. Should be grateful if you could RSVP with the name of the Journalist by 24th May 2011 this evening by 9.00pm to Ms Magdeline Tan at

David Gerald
President & CEO
For Securities Investors Association (Singapore)

Future events relating to this matter will be open ONLY to SIAS members who are *Profitable Plot investors.

* Please show your I.C. or passport and at least ONE copy of a document issued by PP (with your name on it) that shows you are an investor (receipts, certificates, title deeds, AP1s, TP1s, etc.).

Profitable Plot investors who are not SIAS members, may join us here.

PP Investors will be kept informed of any further updates through this page.


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