SIAS Master Series Investment Conference 2019

The Future of Investing

The investment landscape is facing many uncertainties moving forward and investors
will have to deal with this. It is important for financial institutions to address how
they are prepared to help investors to position themselves for sustainable investing.
Singapore being the hub for wealth management is well placed to address the

This Conference brings together financial institutions, product manufacturers, listed
companies and asset managers to consider the long term investing needs of investors
in Singapore and to place the investor at the centre of the discussion. Understanding
the latest trends, investment climate and technology changes, how can the industry
better serve the investor? What demands will be made by these investors? How is
technology changing the consumption of financial products? How is policy driving
sustainable development?

The key questions that investors have are:

  • How much reliance can be placed on each of these stakeholders in evaluating an
    investment opportunity both before and during the time the investment is held.
  • What do these stakeholders view as being the responsibility of the investor in
    making investment decisions
  • How will this change over time

This conference will gather thought leaders in finance and investments from every
sector and other parts of the world to discuss how to cooperate and manage the
challenges ahead.

For whom:
This is a must attend event for all high net worth and accredited investors, family offices,
financial institutions, financial advisors, product manufactures, brokers, insurance
professionals, listed companies, CEOs, board of directors, asset managers, lawyers,
finance professionals, regulators, rating agencies and the media. Participants will
earn CPD hours.