Saving for retirement – How much is enough?

Singaporeans are known for having one of the highest savings rates in the world. Singapore’s savings to GDP percentage is approximately 50% and far out-weighs the US and UK at around 20%. But this is attributed to our CPF savings scheme. With this high savings rate, does it mean that Singaporeans are well prepared for retirement? With the CPF savings used for housing, medical and education, it does not leave much left for retirement. So then how much do you need to save?

Why I Love To Invest

One of the greatest lessons I learnt about money was something that I discovered purely by chance as a young schoolboy. It is something that has guided me throughout my adult life.

From an early age, I recognised the importance of properly allocating the pocket money that I had been given. Admittedly, it was only a few bucks a month. But it was important to me.

Looking For Investing Gems In Quiet Markets

It has not exactly been a barrel of laughs on the Singapore market this year. Or has it?

At the start of the year, the Straits Times Index opened at 3,174 points. Some investors had probably hoped that the benchmark would hit 3,300 before the year was out.

Surely, that would not have been too much to ask for, would it? After all, it would only have represented a growth of about 4%.

Is it too early to talk about a Santa Claus rally?

One week away from President Tony Tan turning on the lights on Orchard Road, and with Marina Bay Sands already flanked with a line of Christmas trees, the markets will soon consider the likelihood of the fabled ‘Santa Claus rally’.

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