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Five trading mistakes to avoid

The 5 most common mistakes you don’t want to make when starting out

There are a series of common mistakes that many investors continue to repeat. These mistakes can be quite detrimental to your trading capital and can affect your confidence in investing. Here is a selection of the biggest trading mistakes plus some tips to help you avoid them.

How high can China equities go?

The lack of economic fundamentals behind frothy equity markets in China may not automatically mean the end is nigh, but rather investors should take care not to end up as the last one dancing when the lights are switched on.

There has been considerable interest in Chinese equities lately – and rightly so. The benchmark Shanghai Composite (SSEC) was propelled past 3,800 points to its highest close (31 March 2015) since March 2008. Pure A-share indices were not spared from the upbeat mood either. FTSE China A50 remains poised to test psychological barrier at 12,500 and Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 Index stays in lockstep with SSEC, comfortably past 4,000. The bullishness was driven by a union of factors. Government action, in particular monetary easing, coupled with perceptions of low valuations, fuelled the exuberance in Chinese shares. This is worrying because it signals an absence of solid fundamentals underpinning the recent stock rally.

AGM season – getting a heads-up by understanding Annual Reports

April is the month for AGMs in Singapore, with 60% of all AGMs occurring in a single month. In a recent report on Shareholder Meetings by Prof Mak Yeen Teen, it highlighted that in 2014, 76% of all April meetings were held in the last five business days of April. These five days account for 37% of all meetings held in 2014. However, the clustering of AGMs within a particular month, while severe in Singapore, is even more pronounced in Italy, Japan, South Korea and Thailand and just as pronounced in Australia.

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