CNMC Seeks Concessions, Buffer Amidst Gold Surge
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CNMC Goldmine Holdings
SGX Code 5TP
Mkt Cap S$M 122
% Price Change YTD 58.7
% Change - Div Adj. YTD 58.7
% Change - Div Adj.[1 year ] 17.0
% Change - Div Adj.[3 years ] -1.3
% Change - Div Adj.[5 years ] N/A
Price vs. 12M High% -6.6
Price vs. 12M Low% 79.6
% Div Yld 1.8
% ROE 36.4
PE 8.5
P/BV 2.7
Source: SGX Stockfacts ( 4 May 2016)
Operating excavators and bulldozers, drilling and blasting rocks – this is the stuff of every boy’s dreams.

For CNMC Goldmine Holdings Ltd Chief Executive Officer Chris Lim, the fascination with mining began early.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in the mining business,” said Lim, 42.
How does IA help in protecting shareholders’ investment and enhancing shareholder value?
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As boards of directors are responsible for providing the direction for organizations, they must make decisions objectively and act in the best interest of the organizations, and be honest and diligent in carrying out their duties. They play a key role in business operations, providing oversight and support for corporate strategy. The board and management must ensure that all strategic initiatives are designed to enhance shareholder value. A director owes his duties to the shareholders to act in their best interests.

Analysing the Singtel Annual Report
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Soon the Singapore AGM season will be upon us with over 400 companies having their AGMs in April. With the AGMs, come the Annual Reports, which hold a wealth of information on the company. While some may find the task daunting, this article highlights the benefits of analysing the Singtel Annual Report.

Diversity – broader than you think

The first time I discussed with someone - a Board member - about the role of non-executive directors in Singapore, I was told that a non-executive’s role was mainly about just two things, ensuring transparency and dealing with related party transactions (meaning, conflict of interest).

I was somewhat surprised to hear this, especially given the numerous efforts being made by the Singapore authorities in relation to the role of non-executive and, in particular, independent directors. However, it is not the only time I have heard this and so I suppose there is still some work to do in terms of getting all non-executive directors to take a more active and engaged role on Boards.

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