Dividend investing – Creating “certainty” in an uncertain environment

The stock market has a habit of changing direction just when you least expect it to. As a bull run gains steam, the overwhelming optimism that the market can only head higher, and is driven by the “greed” sentient, becomes so irresistible that even the most conservative investors are eventually drawn into the fray. The market is usually at its most vulnerable when virtually everyone is a bull. At that point, all it needs is a trigger to spark off a selling panic that could within a short space of time, cause investor sentiment to plunge into a state of dire despair.

Short Your Way To Greater Wealth

First a very quick apology about the misleading title to this week’s article. If you know anything about me, you will also know that I don’t believe in trying to make a quick buck by selling shares that I don’t own. In other words, I don’t short shares.

Invest Like A Pizza Eater

Investing in Singapore just got a whole lot more interesting. The Singapore Exchange has proposed to reduce the board lot size from 1,000 units to 100 units. The lot size may be cut even further to just one unit in the future.

This is a monumental step for us private investors. It means that if we have a limited sum to invest but want to buy highly-priced shares, we can. In other words, if we only have a few thousand dollars to invest, we don’t have to restrict our choice to shares that are priced around the one-dollar mark

Why You Are Better Off In Than Out

Dear reader

The headline in a recent Business Times editorial read: "The importance of equities for retirement". It went on to highlight that many Singaporeans tend to view the stock market as a form of gambling. Others, the paper reckoned, are scarred by their memories of the global financial crisis.

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