Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Application

I would like to apply for a SIAS membership. How can I do so?

You may apply for a SIAS membership here

Upon receiving your SIAS membership application form and confirmation of payment for membership annual fee, we will send you a membership approval email within 3 working days.

*Please expect a slightly longer processing time for cheque payment.

Membership Renewal

I would like to renew my SIAS membership. How can I do so?

You can renew your SIAS membership by selecting the option “Renewal Application” via our online membership form here.

Alternatively, you may also contact us at or call us at our main line at 6227 2683 to speak to our staff to help you with your query.


I have been notified to make payment for annual membership fee for my SIAS membership application. What are the accepted modes of payment?
You may select from the following available payment modes:
  • Cheque (Please expect a slightly longer processing time for cheque payment)
  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Paynow (Shortest Processing Time)

For more details on the payment modes, please click here

Investor Disputes and Complaints

I need SIAS’ assistance to resolve a dispute with a company/an organization. What shall I do?

You are advised to write in or email us at, indicate your SIAS membership status (if you are a member) and provide a chronologically detailed account of the issue along with supporting document(s) which will help us work toward resolving the dispute favorably. SIAS will endeavour to respond within 2 weeks of receipt of your email correspondence.

As a responsible investor, you are advised to seek professional advice for the problems and issues you are facing. SIAS is not a licensed financial and legal advisor and will not be able to provide advice and legal assistance. However, we are able to provide sound education, suggestions, opinions and perspectives, and mediate between shareholders and companies involved as part of our mission as an association and independent charity for investors.

Termination of Membership

I wish to terminate my SIAS membership with immediate effect. Will I be refunded for the remaining unused number of months?

If you wish to terminate your SIAS membership before the expiry date, you may do so by writing to or emailing us at

There is no refund for remaining unused number of months.


I would like to sign up for an event at member’s rate. How do I do so?

You may register for an event by clicking on registration forms in various events listed in our events calendar here.

Alternatively, you may also write in or email us at with your full name and contact number for member verification. We shall reply to you within 3 working days of receipt of your correspondence.

General Enquiries

I have forgotten my Login ID and/or Password. What shall I do?

We are currently upgrading our website to serve you better, therefore, the members’ access portal is temporarily unavailable. We are reviewing to provide better membership services. Look out for our updates soon.