GOH Speech by Chairman, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua at SIAS 15th Anniversary Celebration & SIAS 3rd Members’ Night on 25th April 2014, 7.30pm at Carlton Hall, Level 2, York Hotel

Date: April 25, 2014

– As many of you know, SIAS came about unexpectedly in June
in a bid to protect some 172,000 CLOB investors, whose investments worth
about US$6 billion were frozen by the Malaysian authorities.

– David Gerald, who saw the plight and anguish of many, led a
group of civic-minded Singaporeans to resolve the issue. My involvement
with SIAS goes right back to these early days.

– But DG would not have been able to do this alone, without the
unity and staunch support of you members.

In unity, there is strength. It was very much your fight as it was for
and the team at SIAS. That’s why we are all here today to celebrate
15th Anniversary.

Allow me to reiterate the priorities of SIAS.

(1) Making Singaporeans better-informed investors

SIAS to have chosen to focus on investor education as one of its primary
objectives. This is to help ordinary citizens make informed investment

A real challenge – Singaporeans generally do not see the need and are
therefore unwilling to pay for investor education programmes. But SIAS
persevered and has organised about 900 investor education programmes
year 2000, benefiting almost 112,000 citizens from all walks of life.

Today, you can find wealth of information on the SIAS website, with over
million hits per annum and an average 60,000 page views per month,
one of the favourite sources of financial information.

(2) Championing investor rights

Ensuring investors’ rights are protected is the very heart of SIAS’
existence. Thus, it is only natural that SIAS also champions corporate

Good corporate governance in listed companies is important to not only
development of our capital markets but also the security of our

SIAS has taken many initiatives to help foster good corporate governance
raise standards.

– Through the Investors’ Choice Awards, using the OECD CG
Principles, Singapore CG Code and the Shareholder Confidence Index by
Brendan Wood International, SIAS rates and honours companies that excel
transparency and good corporate governance practices.

– SIAS also conducts and publishes research on the corporate
governance practices of SGX listed companies and stages the annual
Governance Conference.

SIAS is not afraid to highlight those companies whose corporate
standards have fallen short. How?

– SIAS, as the only voice for retail investors, has raised
and concerns of minority shareholders with boards.

– Manages issues in a collaborative and conciliatory manner
regulator, listcos, brokers and/or other stakeholders with an “In the
Boardroom and NOT the Courtroom” policy going for a Win-Win resolution.

– Some notable cases include: Natsteel, Yellow Pages, China
Aviation Oil, Olam, Chartered Semiconductor and China Sky

All these efforts are to protect your interests and your investments.

Over the years, has earned a reputation of being a reasonable voice
the regulators and listed companies. Yet, it has not shied away from
up your cause outside the “courtroom”.

Views are constantly sought after by the media, regulators and even

Today, SIAS has earned the respect of the international community.

– member of the OECD Roundtable for corporate governance.

– been invited to address many international forums in the US
Treasury Department, by the European Parliament and the International
Monetary Fund, just to name a few.

– presented the Gold Standard Award by Public Affairs Asia for
work in promoting governance

The Next Lap – So What’s Next?

SIAS will continue to focus on protecting investor rights and enhance
investor welfare, with respect to investments in securities made through
Singapore-registered financial institutions. What further initiatives?

– extend our reach to the community by working with the CDCs
and PA
to help organise and educate even more ordinary citizens to help them

– actively engage younger investors, by working closely with
universities investment clubs and all polytechnics.

You members can expect even more offerings.

All these efforts and more can only be achieved with your continued
support and feedback. I therefore thank you for being the inspiration of

Let me end by wishing you all an enjoyable evening. TY.