Features of Structured Deposits

Date: August 10, 2017


Structured deposits have ‘tenors’ or maturity periods that usually start from as short as a year to 10 years or longer, although such lengthy periods are rare.

When investing, you should consider the length of time you are able to set your money aside for investing

Whether the issuer has the option to redeem the deposit early

Offer Period

Structured deposits are usually offered in individual portions known as ‘tranches’.

Each tranche has either a fixed offer period or are available until the tranche is fully subscribed. However, different tranches may come with differing features and returns.

Investment Returns

What are the maximum/minimum returns from this product?

How is the return linked to the performance of the underlying assets/markets

What is the formula to determine returns; should the worst-case scenario happen, is the return acceptable?

Other features

Is there a ‘cooling off’ period for investors?

Is early withdrawal allowed and what are the costs involved?