Corporate Governance

Digital Symposium 2020

Watch the replay of SIAS Corporate Governance Digital Symposium 2020

Covid-19 & Corporate Governance – Balancing Short and Long Term Business Pressures
For almost all public listed companies, COVID-19 has created unique and profound challenges. How do companies remain sustainable and competitive over the long term?
The Link Between Corporate Governance and Business Integrity – Are Boards Doing Enough to Fight Corruption?
What is the current state of corporate disclosure level on anti-corruption policy and strategy? Find out more as we present insights from the latest Business integrity research.
Board Diversity – The Next Lap
With the current COVID-19 pandemic, do boards have the relevant skill-sets to chart the company through this crisis? What are the factors required for the board to succeed?
Dealing with a Crisis – Communicating with Stakeholders Effectively
The current COVID-19 pandemic is requiring many companies to change the way they communicate with their stakeholders. What should companies do to get their transparency and disclosures right.
How to Account for Data and Other Digital Asset to Drive Revenue and Competitiveness
Today, data is like any other asset owned by the business – if you want to successfully convert it into value, it requires a business case to be developed that carefully calculates not just the potential return, but also the costs and risks involved.
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