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Financial Planning for Families


In collaboration with MoneySENSE, the national financial education programme.

This free seminar aims to equip Singaporeans with the skills and knowledge to plan for their long-term financial needs; and impart knowledge about the different investment products and investing skills. It will not only help families achieve their financial goals but also build their financial wealth in a systematic way.

The FPFF programme is designed to provide information on basic financial planning and investment know-how to families so as to help them plan early and provide adequately for their retirement needs. Many Singaporeans currently do not manage and plan their finances in a disciplined or structured fashion. Many do not have a clear idea of how much they would need for their retirement nor have they set aside sufficient cash savings to meet emergency needs. This programme hopes to address these areas and will be made available at Community Centres over 5 years, free to the members of the public.

1. Financial Planning for retirement
2. Building Personal Wealth Through Sound Investment Strategies


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