Analysing the Singtel Annual Report
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Soon the Singapore AGM season will be upon us with over 400 companies having their AGMs in April. With the AGMs, come the Annual Reports, which hold a wealth of information on the company. While some may find the task daunting, this article highlights the benefits of analysing the Singtel Annual Report.

Diversity – broader than you think

The first time I discussed with someone - a Board member - about the role of non-executive directors in Singapore, I was told that a non-executive’s role was mainly about just two things, ensuring transparency and dealing with related party transactions (meaning, conflict of interest).

I was somewhat surprised to hear this, especially given the numerous efforts being made by the Singapore authorities in relation to the role of non-executive and, in particular, independent directors. However, it is not the only time I have heard this and so I suppose there is still some work to do in terms of getting all non-executive directors to take a more active and engaged role on Boards.

Board Diversity: A Business Imperative
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It results in more robust decision-making, stronger corporate governance, less likelihood of groupthink and better returns for investments.

Increasing attention is being paid to board diversity and women on boards. Why are these matters in the spotlight? Not so long ago the talk was all about corporate governance, with some digression to the role of the audit committee. Perhaps the subject is still corporate governance, but with rules having been tightened and guidelines adjusted, attention has shifted to the people who oversee the company and make good governance happen - directors who make up the board.

Only one in eight Singaporeans confident of achieving financial life goals highlights survey

Only one in eight Singaporeans feels strongly confident that he will achieve his financial life goals and one in ten agrees that he is very knowledgeable in financial matters

Singaporeans consistently rank in the bottom three among 19 markets on confidence in their financial strategy and know-how, despite Singapore being Asia’s top financial hub and the fourth most competitive financial centre in the world.[1] This, together with Singapore’s expected slowing growth for the rest of the decade[2] and the global uncertainty, starkly highlights the importance for Singaporeans to start planning for their long-term financial security.

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