ESR-REIT and ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust Fireside Chat with SIAS

Date: December 3, 2021

In the upcoming Proposed merger between ESR-REIT and ALOG to form ESR-LOGOS REIT, the Leading New Economy, and Future-Ready APAC S-REIT, it was emphasized that

  • “Size Increasingly Matter” by Mr. Adrian Chui, CEO and Executive Director, ESR-REIT Manager
  • “Transformational Merger” by Ms. Karen Lee, CEO, ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust Manager.


Hear more from both the CEOs in the Fireside chat, moderator by Mr. Uantchern Loh, Vice President, Management Committee, SIAS.

Conjointly, SIAS will be conducting virtual dialogues with the ESR-REIT and ARA LOGOS.
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