Press Statement – SGX Consults On SPACS Listing Framework

Date: March 31, 2021

The Consult paper on SPACS Listing framework is now  and open for discussion.

In recent years the interest in SPACS in US market has been exponential and within the first three months of this year alone SPACS IPOs out numbered all of 2020. Singapore, as leading financial hub, can not avoid it, there will be interest from some, especially the sophisticated investors. Retail investors must first fully understand this investment to know what it entails, whether it is suitable for them, before making the decision to invest in it.

SIAS will engage SGX and MAS to ensure that there are sufficient safeguards in terms of transparency and governance to help all investors make an informed decision. There has to be efforts taken to educate, especially the retail investors, so that they can with knowledge determine the suitability of this investment for themselves.

David Gerald