Seeking Clarifcation from Khazanah

Date: July 1, 2010

Mr. Ahmad Shahizam Mohd Shariff
Khazanah Nasional

Dear Mr. Shariff,

SIAS notes with keen interest the article titled “If Khazanah fails, poison pill could hurt Parkway” in today’s Business Times, front page by S Jayasankaran. It suggests that in the event that Khazanah’s partial offer fails, there may be implications in relation to Parkway’s continuing investment and interest in Malaysia’s Pantai Group, as the earnings contributions of the Pantai Group to Parkway Holdings has been stated to be significant to the earnings of Parkway Holdings. This is an issue that is of material significance to all shareholders of Parkway.

SIAS would like to invite Khazanah to provide clarification, if any, on the implications highlighted in the article. Minority shareholders of Parkway Holdings would obviously welcome any such clarification from Khazanah in the context of their consideration of the offer by Khazanah for their shares.

Best Regards
David Gerald