Date: April 21, 2006

SIAS is pleased to announce a new category of award to be presented at the annual SIAS Investors Choice Awards night.


The objective of the award is:

“To highlight a shareholder who serves as a good role model for investors in terms of knowing the business, showing concern, proposing improvements, promoting better corporate governance and interacting appropriately with the board and management”.

Composition of Selection Committee

The selection committee comprises SIAS President and CEO Mr David Gerald, SIAS Vice-President Mr Christopher Cheong, Mr Ignatius Low, Money Editor from The Straits Times, Mr George Joseph, Transportation Editor from The Business Times, Mr David Poh, Associate Business Editor from Lianhe Zaobao, Ms Valerie Law Min Zhi, Reporter from Today and Mr Melvin Yong, Executive Editor, Business Desk from Channel News Asia as well as members of the SIAS Management Committee who are also seasoned attendees of AGMs, Mr Ang Hao Yao, Mr Vincent Chen and Mr Kenneth Pang.


We will select a retail shareholder who participates actively in AGMs and EGMs and exhibits the following qualities:

1) Asks perceptive questions and makes insightful comments on the business.
2) Displays a good knowledge of the company and regulatory framework.
3) Makes an impact on the company’s actions and shareholders’ investment decisions.
4) Displays proper decorum and conduct at meetings.

The selection committee will also take into account an individual’s activity outside of AGMs and EGMs, for example, comments in media reports, forum letters and company Q&As and participation at quarterly briefings.

Invitation for Nominations

SIAS is pleased to accept nominations for the award throughout the year, although the deadline for this year’s award is 15th August. SIAS will be writing to listed companies, audit firms, secretarial firms and the media for nominations, however, AGM attendees and the public are also welcome to submit nominations to SIAS. You may send in your nominations to SIAS by post or by email at

Mr David Gerald J.
President & CEO
Securities Investors Association (Singapore)